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Our Mission

We enjoy making things and we want to help with your project.  Small or large, we’d like to contribute.

Sebald Consulting supports an array of life-science based industries.

Sebald Consulting Engineering is focused on helping you achieve your goals in life-science related industries.

Sebald Consulting Engineering was founded to help companies meet their goals of producing innovative products for their customers by providing customized, scaled, engineering support.”  You had previously had a rolling list of items on the front page that we could include on this page of the types of companies.

We specialize in computer related regulatory issues including computer related issues such as 21CFR11, Annex 11, Artificial Intelligence, and automated systems.  We strive to keep current on the latest regulations to help ensure that you can achieve cutting edge results with compliance.  The FDA continues to release new guidance documents related to computer and computerized systems.

Our 30+ years of experience in biotech, pharmaceutical, and medical device industries in the areas of process, facility and equipment design, automation, and qualification as well as our experience in engineering, calibration, validation, and maintenance in general are at your disposal.  We also support food & beverage, nutraceutical, cosmetics, and related industries.

We work to fit your team, your budget, and your requirements.

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