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Statistical Support

We can help you determine if your process is in control, and if not, how to get it there.

  • Verify Adequacy of Measurement Systems
  • Perform Screening Studies
  • Determine the Capability of the Process
  • Experimental Design to Develop the Process
  • Statistical Process Control During Manufacturing
  • Track Down Root Cause(s) of Non-compliant Product

We can help you get and stay in control of your process.

  • R&D
  • Pilot Scale
  • Clinical
  • Quality Control
  • Calibration
  • Manufacturing

Gage R&R Study Results

Is Your Measurement System Good Enough?

We can help you perform a Gauge Repeatability and Reproducibility study to determine if your measurement system is up to the task of assessing your process or product and, if not, to identify where the variability is coming from.   Any time is a good time to perform this assessment.  Earlier in the development is even better to make sure your data you work so hard to collect can be trusted.  How much variability is coming from your operators, how much from the instruments, and how can you reduce it?  A Gage R&R can help you sort that out.

Surface Response Diagram

Response Surface Diagram

Experimental Design to Understand the Process

Screening studies can help you to determine what parameters have a significant effect on your process to identify areas of interest for more detailed study.  This important step can save you resource expenditures that are better focused on more detailed experimental work in critical areas.

Sebald Consulting can help you put together an experimental design that will work for you to help you understand and tune your process for the desired results, and identify sources of variability and sensitivities in the process.  This can help you design a process that will give you better and more consistent performance.  It can also help identify process parameters that are not as important, so you can focus your efforts on what matters.

Surface response diagrams can be useful in assessing the more detailed effects of inputs to your process.

Process Capability

Process Capability Analysis is a key method for reliability

Process Capability Analysis

This analysis can help you determine how your process is running and whether it is likely to operate as a reliable commercial process.

X-Bar Chart

Statistical Process Control


Statistical Process Control

Statistical Process Control (SPC)

SPC analysis (often resulting in X-bar and R-Charts) can help you determine if your process is in control and to identify potential issues before they affect your ability to produce product within specification.  If the process has been determined to be capable, SPC analysis can help you determine when a significant change occurred that may be otherwise overlooked.  This can also be helpful in combination with Root Cause Analysis (RCA) and supporting Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA) programs.

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