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Qualify Your Academic Software/AI System For Medical Use

Qualify Your Academic Software/AI System for Medical Use

There are a great number of ideas out there in academia with medical applications. Of course, this is not new. My first exposure was to a medical device at UCSD being developed not long after the public availability the DOS operating system. Since then, things have come quite a ways with software that is becoming available for diagnosis of ailments without having a doctor present and many further developments that have not seen the light of day.
We at Sebald Consulting have worked on many device products and we are interested in helping your academic project make the leap to a commercial success. With our background in electrical engineering, computer science, and human centered design; as well as experience in qualifying computerized systems for GMP manufacturing or FDA/EMEA approval; we have skill sets that can contribute to your success.
By getting us involved earlier in the development process, we can make sure you have the pieces in place to succeed. Not coincidentally, these strategies can also work to ensure that your system is robust and avoids many of the pitfalls of some projects.
If you are dreaming of a medical device, diagnostic software systems, or a system that affects patients either directly or indirectly, we can help you.
Furthermore, we can reach out to our network for additional regulatory support where necessary. Contact us for further information. We look forward to working with you on your exciting project!

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